Converse and Carhartt One Star Sneakers are Pure Gold

Get ready to pin on a gold star with the Converse and Carhartt One Star. You know Carhartt for its rugged aesthetic. It only makes sense that they would pair up with Converse, who is known for their canvas uppers. With Carhartt as a partner, those canvas uppers are getting an overhaul to expand their life and make them that much more durable. The shoes come with three options—a militaristic olive green, a clean black, and a pure white. Each shoe features Cordura fabric—a textile known for being long-lasting that can stand up to a beating. Cordura is composed primarily of nylon and cotton, but a mix of other fibres increases the materials strength as well as comfort.

converse x shoes

As for looks, the One Star doesn’t go for the flashy or bold. You’ll find the Carhartt logo on the tongue and the insoles. The Cordura signature tag is present on the tongue and the ankle collar. Converse’s One Star comes as a cut out on the midfoot. You’ll also find an Easter egg of Carhartt history with the 313 on the shoe’s tongue, a reference to Carhartt’s Detroit history.

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top view converse x shoe

converse shoes back view

converse x sole